• " Herchin continues to perform in meeting our demands without delays.  I wouldn't imagine our department functioning well if Herchin was not in the picture.  A very reliable team and customer service is the best I have come across within the region."

    Mika John Loko
    Manager - Ground Support Equipment
    Air Niugini Ltd

    3 Oct 2022
  • "Strong staff teamwork and willing to go out of their way to help customer find the product they are looking. Still reply after hours."

    Sam Ira
    Purchasing Manager
    Pelgens Ltd

    3 Oct 2022
  • " The Herchin staffs are very accomodating & easy to communicate with.  They always make sure that the items are of correct specifications before delivered.  They always recommend the best options for me, quality wise & price wise."

    Rurik H. Manay
    Processing Plant Maintenance Manager
    Zenag Chicken, Highlands Products Ltd

    14 Sep 2022
  • "Very good people in dealing business, very impressive with communication & services level, technical knowledge & professionalism which culminated in satisfactory improvements of Prima packaging & spare parts."

    Wenix Butigan
    Operations Manager
    Prima Smallgoods

    29 Oct 2020
  • "Great customer service, satisfied."

    Ishai Tamir
    Logistic and Procurement Manager
    Innovative Agro Industry Ltd

    23 Sep 2020
  • "Herchin maintains consistently high standards of attention to the need of this company."

    Michael O'Connell
    Managing Director
    ISAS Group of companies

    22 Sep 2020
  • "Herchin has been consistent with product delivery and customer service.  I would like to relay our gratitude to Herchin for your never-ending support.  Even through the pandemic, Herchin has pushed through to supply our needs."

    Mika John Loko
    Manager - Ground Support Equipment
    Air Nuigini Ltd

    22 Sep 2020
  • "Always extend support when needed.  Easy to deal with."

    Engr. Elsix Joy M. Portacion
    AVP - Logistics/Purchasing/Boxplant & RD prints
    R. D. Tuna Canners Limited

    22 Sep 2020
  • "Paul and staff understand their clients need and Paul Lim makes it his business to work with all his clients despite clients shortfalls in mainly financial commitments. His sincerity is overwhelming making sure that clients get the best out of all goods and services from Herchin. Both Robert & I respect him sincerely for the huge understanding coming from him and his staff."

    Mrs Oini Pero
    Finer Auto Electrical Services

    20 May 2017
  • "Management & Staff of Herchin are excellent people & the services they provide are of very high quality. It is a pleasure to do business with them."

    Ian T. Short
    Administration/Accounts Manager
    PNG Ready Mixed Concrete Limited

    16 May 2017
  • "They are good in sourcing out good quality products, parts & equipment and be delivered on time. They recommend options to choose among recommended parts, which is favorable to us."

    Rurik Manay
    Farm Maintenance Manager
    Highland Products Limited

    9 May 2017
  • "Service provided by Herchin is excellent and exceptional. With motivated staffs, any query is professionally taken care off and response is always in the best interest of the customer."

    Sali Malatu
    Warehouse and Stevedoring Manager
    PNG - Taiheiyo Cement Limited

    4 Oct 2016
  • "Credit Corporation (PNG) Limited has been utilising the procurement services of Paul Lim and his team at Herchin Marketing for more than the 12 years that I have been with the company.

    Paul and his team provide an unparalleled level of service and efficiency and this has resolved most of the issues we have faced. No item is too small and it has been a breath of fresh air to be able to rely on Herchin Marketing for our current and expanding range of requirements, without hearing the same old excuses about “why something can’t be done”.

    I gladly recommend Herchin Marketing as a solution to your procurement issues, especially to what some may consider an out of the way place in Papua New Guinea."

    Rennie Wekina
    General Manager
    Credit Corporation (PNG) Limited
    A Public Listed Company

    17 Apr 2014
  • "Service from Herchin is very personal and exceptional. I always feel like their only customer!"


    Ian Andrew Chow, MBE
    Managing Director
    Lae Biscuit Company Limited

    11 Nov 2011
  • "Herchin is a well-run company with motivated staff. We have dealt with them for many years."


    Michael O’Connell
    Managing Director
    Pryde Furniture Ltd

    17 Aug 2010
  • "I have known Paul Lim from Herchin Marketing in Singapore for a number of years and he has been conducting business in PNG for well over a decade. He is well known and respected by many PNG business operators and I have no hesitation in recommending him as a valuable trading partner."


    Noel Swepson
    Business Manager
    Daltron Ltd

    4 Jun 2009
  • "We have been dealing with Paul Lim (owner/manager) for near on thirteen years in a whole range of products. I highly recommend them to you as an honest and forthright organisation, a company that is 100% honest and sincere. Their resume of contacts is most impressive. I can't speak highly enough of them in this day and age of lack lustre service providers."


    Mike Comerford
    Managing Director
    Cord Associates

    31 Mar 2008
  • “For over 13 years we have had a great working relationship with Herchin Marketing, with them providing expertise advise and assistance with the supply of a variety of building materials, loose furniture & fittings on numerous projects throughout Papua New Guinea. Their product range offers a high standard, durability and quality required for this somewhat “rough & tough” environment.

    Paul’s professionalism is testimony to his good work ethics and continual support throughout all facets of his business, with one of his greatest assets being the continual follow-up and updating you on the supply dates and details of the shipments.

    In summary, we have no reservations with recommending Herchin Marketing for whatever challenge is afforded to them and look forward to only enhancing our relationship.”


    Greg Rudani
    Managing Director
    Peddle Thorp Architects

    6 Jun 2007
  • "Zenag Chicken has been doing business with Herchin Marketing for over eight years now, supplying packaging material, labels, dyes, glues, etc. Paul supplied a new moulding plant and printing machines to set up a new subsidiary company which has gone from strength to strength. Their back up service for spare parts and consumables is unmatched with any other supplier, and their ability to supply special orders urgently is really appreciated. Juliana's assistance in liasing with other suppliers (not in their field) where lingual problems exist, has been most helpful.

    Herchin has a very good team of people with Paul and Juliana at it's helm, producing a competitive, reliable supply and support business."


    Russell J. Green
    General Manager
    Highland Products Limited

    8 Jun 2004
  • "For the past 13 years Herchin Marketing Pte Ltd have been providing a variety of items through our local supplier for use in the Ok Tedi Mining Limited operation.

    Paul and Juliana's team at Herchin deliver a high level of customer service and procurement qualities. I would recommend Herchin Marketing Pte Ltd as a supplier and have been extremely happy with their service and performance."


    Clem E Chobanoff
    Adviser to Infrastructure Maintenance Support
    OK Tedi Mining Ltd
    Tabubil Western Province
    Papua New Guinea

    4 Jun 2004
  • "Herchin Marketing Pte Ltd has over the years provided a variety of items to Divisions of Steamships Trading Company Limited. Including Commercial Hotel furniture, furnishings and building supplies. Their commitment to service and quality has always been to the highest standard. Paul and Juliana's team have delivered a level of service that I can thoroughly recommend."


    David H. Cox
    Managing Director
    Steamships Trading Company Limited
    A Public Listed Company

    24 May 2004

  • “Mr Paul Lim and his professional team at Herchin Marketing Pte Ltd are exceptional at delivering on time at the right price and nothing is too difficult.

    During my five years as Logistic Manager in the Mining Industry in Papua New Guinea, Herchin Marketing Pte Ltd were able to deliver supplies over and above the excellent service provided in unusual circumstance.

    For example. There was an emergency requirement for a ten ton Diesel Hammer and Steel Sheet Piles for the repair of a collapsed wharf. With one phone call, Paul had arranged the lease of the hammer, purchase of the sheet piles, arranged the stevedoring in Singapore including forward custom clearance and all the necessary documentation required for a quick and efficient delivery.

    Once again on time - right price.

    I can highly recommend Paul and his team as one of the "World's Best" suppliers of goods and services regardless of vendor location.”


    Garry K. Ernst OAM
    Manager Logistics
    OK Tedi Mining Ltd

    21 May 2004
  • “Herchin Marketing Pte Ltd have been a valuable supplier to Tabubil Hardware Ltd for over 10 years. We have always found Paul, Juliana and their team to be extremely efficient in the way they conduct their business, paying meticulous attention to detail, quality control of products and faultless service at all times.

    The company have supplied a variety of products from building materials, welding consumables, safety boots & uniforms to general merchandise & furniture.

    We would confidently recommend Herchin Marketing Pte Ltd to any company seeking a reliable and efficient supplier.”


    Rob Tulloch.
    General Manager
    Tabubil Hardware Ltd.

    21 Jan 2004